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krater-wineOenotria, “land of vines”, this was how the ancient Greeks called  Italy. Its variety of landscapes and climates, from the Alps to the shores of Sicily through  chains of hills, mountains and volcanoes, offers an astonishing range of grape varieties that have been cultivated for thousands of years  in their terroirs.

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Under the Romans,  vines were planted throughout the Empire, grapegrowing and winemaking techniques became more advanced, the varietals that best matched soil and climate were selected to improve  quality.

The concept of vintage already existed, as the ancient books report that the fabled Opimiam wine of 121 B.C., an excellent vintage of Falernum, was aged and drunk decades later. 

This red thread that leads to modern times was never cut, though invasions, wars and fights split the country into city states, duchies, kingdoms along two thousand years of entangled events . 

Enjoy a glass of History!

PostHeaderIcon Grand opening of Winery Mamete Prevostini

September, 23

Rocco joined the grand-opening of the new winery of Mamete Prevostini, the fourth winery in Italy certified  by the Climate House Agency of Bolzano, which assessed the ecological sustainability of the winery and measured its consumption and use of materials and energy.

The place is Postalesio, in Valtellina, a splendid Alpine valley north of Lake Como. terracies

 Here  the valley runs parallel to the Alps and only the land exposed to the south is planted with vines.

The soil is lean and not deep, made of crumbled granite, siliceous and very acid. It is  one of those places where viticulture is heroic because grabbing the land from the rocks, contain it in terraces and harvesting by hand is really hard labour.

The vines suffer from lack of water, their roots have to find a way through the rocks for nutrients and water.mamete-prevostini-2

Mamete wanted a winery that could tune in with this pristine environment and was won over to the philosophy of Casaclima Certification System. Lowering pollutants and CO2 emissions, he could pursue excellence in his aim to couple tradition and innovation in respect of the environment.

The new winery is 3.000 square metres on three levels : the Nebbiolo grapes  are carried in their crates at the first floor where those chosen to make “Sfursat” are laid to dry for 100 days  at the “breva”, the wind that blows in the valley from 10 a-m. to 6 p.m.

mamete-prevostini-3The other grapes ( they will become Valtellina superiore DOCG or Rosso di Valtellina DOC ) are pressed right away and the juice sent to the ground floor to ferment in the vats.

Underground the wine will rest in the ideal conditions, until ready to be released.

The photovoltaic system provides more than 50% of the power requirement during all the phases of vinification, whilst a highly  efficient use of water and its recycling limits the consumption.

Over 1000 people were invited to the inauguration of the new winery, our friend Rocco enthusiastically among them.






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