Discover with us  the magic of Italian wine heritage

krater-wineOenotria, “land of vines”, this was how the ancient Greeks called  Italy. Its variety of landscapes and climates, from the Alps to the shores of Sicily through  chains of hills, mountains and volcanoes, offers an astonishing range of grape varieties that have been cultivated for thousands of years  in their terroirs.

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Under the Romans,  vines were planted throughout the Empire, grapegrowing and winemaking techniques became more advanced, the varietals that best matched soil and climate were selected to improve  quality.

The concept of vintage already existed, as the ancient books report that the fabled Opimiam wine of 121 B.C., an excellent vintage of Falernum, was aged and drunk decades later. 

This red thread that leads to modern times was never cut, though invasions, wars and fights split the country into city states, duchies, kingdoms along two thousand years of entangled events . 

Enjoy a glass of History!

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During the summers  of the 50’s and 60’s Italians used to eat under the beach umbrella, preparing at home some food that could be easily carried and consumed on the lap . This food was usually made from leftovers of the dinner, recycled into meatballs, vegetable omelettes, cold pasta, cold rice with vegetables and salty pies. 

Only later came the bars and the take-aways on the beach, with their sandwiches and microwave meals.  Lack of time nowadays have changed our habits, most people buying industrial made dishes, the American way, and the results have been the waste of food and the epidemic of obesity among the young.


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